Friday, 11 March 2011

Not My Usual

Faux fur- Charity shop (Thrifted sounds way better!)
Topshop Jeans
River island boots
Next bag and Hat
Various Jewelry

This is what I wore on Monday, I know, a bit backwards! It is already friday! Wooohoo!
These had been hiding on the camera and to be honest I only just remembered them! I think this whole week has been  backwards! Heres hoping the weekend isn't! But a little bit of oddity and randomness is always good fun and keeps both me and you guessing! 

This was the most frustrating outfit for these reasons 1) It was sunny, and I wanted to be in hot pants but was actually wearing this huge jacket! 2) If I wore the hat I could not wear the sunglasses because the hat would push them forwards and my head looked a ridiculous shape! 3) I wanted to wear both, the sun was in my eyes AND I was having a bad hair day! Maybe I should have just gone with a paper bag instead ay? One stone 2 birds and the boyfriend wouldn't hear my complaining about his photography ;)

As I have been a bit awful with posts this week, I have a ridiculous workload right now, I will be updated more at the weekend! So make sure you come and check it out!

Have a great weekend sweeties! 



  1. Love this look. Great coat and shoes.
    I know the hat and sunglasses situation! really annoying xx

  2. Love the jacket! Looks so great :) Tnx for the comment on my blog :) X.

  3. Thanks for your great comment darling ;) i´m following you now!!!


  4. Bad hair day pft, you look fab! I LOVE those shoes so much

  5. haha that's a feeling i'm all too familiar with!(i constantly keep complaining about my sister's photography skills, or lack thereof!)
    loving the outfit!
    especially the fur coat,jeans,fedora(i can make out how stunning it is even though ur nt wearing it :P),the satchel and that gorgeous turqoise necklace!
    also loving the matching turqoise nails!!

  6. great blog! nice outfit and i love your jacket!! i follow you :) xx

  7. Very cute. I love how you put it all together!

  8. love the fake fur!

    i have a new outfit of today post.

    xo model from holland
    everyday a new post

  9. your style is great, i really mean it.

  10. I just love the way you look here!
    You hair color is so beautifuul!:>

    I hope you'll visit my latest post to ask me a couple of questions:>

  11. Thanks for your lovely comment.

    I love your jacket! ♥


  12. Nice Outfit! Love especially your nailpolish and jewelry =)
    Thanks for your comment!

  13. I just loooove your outfit !!


  14. thx for your comment & for following me:)
    not yet , but this is a great idea! I will think about it:) thx:)

  15. Love this look! Great coat and I love your shoes! So beautiful.

  16. beautiful even if it's not your usual :-)

    Nice pics of this today post!!LOVE them all :-)

    Please check out my blog to read the latest posts:-)

    Thank you always, <3<3

  17. Super cute! I alos love ur coat a lot :))

    I follow you now :))


  18. Your blog is amazing, love this outfit and especially the shoes.. Beautiful!

  19. thank you for your lovely comment and bringing me to your blog.
    love this outfit and the boots are so cute!
    Definitely a follower xxx

  20. The clog boots, amazing! x

  21. I really like this look. The boots look lovely. Thanks for the comment on my post. x

  22. love these boots so much!i was bidding on a black pair on ebay but lost out at the last minute :( thanks for commenting on my blog and bringin me to yours!following :) x

  23. Love the fur vest & Necklace ;) bisous

  24. thanks for your comment on my blog, I am following yours now.

    I love your outfit here, especially the jacket and boots! Gorgeous


  25. You look amazing! :) I love these boots and faux fur! :)

    IzabelaB. x


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