Thursday, 5 January 2017

It Begins

     I'm the blonde and the stunning brunette is my friend Emma who has just launched her blog here.

I'm forcing myself to write a blog post every day for the next month, mainly so I can get into the habit of writing posts, but also to try and find my voice and know who I truly am (on the internet) before I hit public - eeeew! 

I don't know where the need to write and create content has suddenly come from. It's something I have always done for brands through working at advertising agencies and social agencies, but as I've got older I've realised I want to start aligning more with my own values and beliefs rather than the brands I've worked for. So here I am, carving out my own little piece of the internet! I'm sure it is going to be a learning curve!

I've always been about self improvement (my sister reminds me of this often) to the point where I have to consciously give myself a break sometimes, take my foot off the drive peddle for a bit so I can enjoy just being. But this year my mind has hit that proverbial pedal pretty hard, and I've decided to not let up until I've reached a new and improved routine, that includes blogging. Perhaps I'm having my quarter life crisis! Ha.

I want this blog to be a place of can focus - on the aesthetic in my life, mainly through the clothes I wear but also a place people can hopefully come and get a sense of balance and calm

I don't want to create a place where people feel they have to shop straight away, or get what I call an 'itchy feeling' that feels like a rush of self loathing and the need for sudden action. I've felt this so often when looking at different blogs, where I suddenly feel less self worth or I feel I need to do a crazed shop. I want a place of authenticity where it is clear a lot of effort has gone into each post, to bring the craft back to blogging a little.

I hope you enjoy the journey with me! 


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